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Christy Turlington Christy Turlington visited Korea with Calvin Klein in September 1996 to launch the Calvin Klein Collection store in Seoul. She was the third "supermodel" to visit Korea. (*1) She met her Korean fans at the store and autographed pictures. Of course, I was there and got one. Envy me, everyone -- I touched her!

Although Christy happens to be one of Korean fashion people's favourite foreign models, some embarrassing things happened. First, a bumbling sports paper printed a picture of Bridget Hall in place of Christy for their article on the visit. (*2) Second, our blind press people didn't notice her when she arrived at the Kimpo airport! They explained that she looked so ordinary without her makeup but I know the truth. They were looking for Bridget Hall. :-P

Korean Esquire and Korean Vogue took her pictures during her visit. You can find them on my page.

1. The first was Cindy Crawford and the second was Linda Evangelista.
2. Korean "sports newspapers" are not just sports papers. These are sports + entertainment papers.

Here are some more pictures

Christy Turlington Christy Turlington Christy Turlington
Yes! this is the signed photo!
A photo for Calvin Klein ad
Korean Figaro, October, 96 She's, October, 96