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Christmas Memories of Anna Paquin

James Servin

One of Oscar-winning Anna Paquin's favourite Christmas memories is still fresh -- it was last year in Toronto when she was here shooting Bryan Singer's comic book film X-Men.

"It was really nice last year because I got to spend it with my entire family, which, situationally, actually doesn't happen very often," she recalls.

Paquin won her Oscar for The Piano when she was 11.

The Winnipeg-born, New Zealand-raised actress is the daughter of Mary and Brian Paquin.

Now 18, Anna has two older siblings, 23-year-old Andrew and 19-year-old Katya.

"We're all kind of scattered around the place doing our own thing," she says of the family.

But last Christmas was special.

"Everyone managed to get in the same city at the same time. It was kind of rare and really, really lovely."

This year will be different. Paquin, soon to co-star in Finding Forrester, is taking her break from her freshman year at Columbia University in New York to shoot a movie in Germany.

"I'm not entirely sure of what my plans are for the rest of my winter break, especially Christmas time."

Toronto Sun, December 16, 2000