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'X-Men' Star Does Normal

Despite still being a teenager, Anna Paquin has had a busy career. And while the UK watches her play Rogue in X-Men, Popcorn has been finding out what's next for the Oscar-winning actress.

Paquin has just finished work on two movies, Almost Famous - Cameron Crowe's follow-up to Jerry Maguire. She stars opposite Jason Lee in the movie, about a 70s rock band, and explains, "I play this young girl who is a groupie to this band and travels round with them. She thinks she's a much more integral part of the whole process than she really is."

As for working with Cameron Crowe, the actress says, "He is so talented and is an amazing writer, and I would've done anything to be in a movie of his."

Her other project is Gus Van Sant's Finding Forrester, in which she stars opposite Sean Connnery and Robert Brown. "I play this young high school student who befriends, and is sort of like the girlfriend of, this young boy [Brown] who gets a scholarship to her school."

Connery plays a recluse who befriends the boy, but Paquin says her biggest disappoint was that she didn't get to work with him much.

"I don't really have any real scenes with Sean Connery but I was just really, really happy to be in the same movie with him. And there's one scene where he's giving his little speech and we're all in the same room and I was like, 'Wow, I just get to watch him work for a day'."

X-Men is out in the UK now., August 18, 2000