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Paquin has grown up

Louis B. Hobson

It's been five years since Anna Paquin won her Oscar for The Piano.

No longer that shy, wispy 11-year-old New Zealander, Paquin is starring as a promiscuous runaway in Hurlyburly, which opens early next year.

Her co-stars include Sean Penn, Kevin Spacey and Garry Shandling.

There's some simulated sex and some pretty salty dialogue.

Paquin's mother was on set the whole time, but Anna insists that "it was up to me what I would do and what I wouldn't. I told the producers I wouldn't do or say anything that made me feel uncomfortable."

Paquin's parents divorced two years ago while she was shooting Fly Away Home in Ontario. She lives with her mother in Los Angeles, while her older siblings live with her father in New Zealand.

Paquin admits she still hasn't seen all of The Piano.

"I worked so long with Holly Hunter, Sam Neill and Harvey Keitel that I'm not sure I ever want to see those sex scenes they did.

"Those guys are like my surrogate parents and there are some things you never want to see your parents doing."

Paquin is currently shooting All the Rage, a movie about gun control, with Jeff Daniels.

Calgary Sun, December 28, 1998