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Hollywood Move for Paquin

Anna Paquin, who turned 16 last month, is determinedly pursuing her career in Hollywood. The Oscar-winning actress has left her Wellinton schooldays behind and plan to enrol at a Los Angeles high school for the automn school term.

She will be tutored on the set of her latest film, She's All That, a romantic comedy. Filming will begin soon on the Miramax film, directed by Robert Iscove. In it, Paquin palys the younger sister of Freddie Frinze, a high school student who tries to turn Rachel Leigh Cook into a prom queen.

Paquin, accompanied by her mother, went to Los Angeles several weeks ago.

Her Los Angeles publicity agent has stressed that Paquin is not deserting Wellington. "She is just here to work, just as she has done often enough before."

Meanwhile, Paquin had received favourable comments for her last two films, HurlyBurly and Over the Moon.

HurlyBurly, the film on the raunchy hit play by David Rabe, is to be released in the United States in December. Over the Moon, for Dustin Hoffman's film company Punch Productions, will screen across the United States in January and there will be a simultaneous soundtrack release.

Paquin's performance in Over the Moon has drawn favourable comment from critics at test-screenings and according to one Los Angeles commentator, she is "amazing" in HurlyBurly. "People love her. It's a tough movie but she's amazing. I think it will help her career. People will start looking at her less as a kid and more as an adult."

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