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Paquin No Pushover

New Zealand Press Association

WELLINGTON - She's a star all right. At the tender age of 14, Anna Paquin has perfected the art of sidestepping reporters and dodging cameras.

When a Wellington newspaper asked Oscar-winner Paquin to pose for a photograph she almost obliged.

"I'm not doing that," she said, when asked to lean against a post.

Paquin had made a rare media call, helping former Newstalk ZB host Lindsay Yeo launch his new breakfast show on Classic Hits 90FM. Her minder said she would not speak to reporters.

On Yeo's show she said that this year she played a small part in a Steven Spielberg movie, Amistad, which is set in Victorian times and about the American slave trade.

She was Queen Isabella of Spain ("a horrible little person") who supported the slave trade. But she enjoyed the part because she could dress up in lovely costumes.

She said she, and not her parents or agents, decided what parts she would play: "But if I don't want to do it I won't do it."

She had not watched The Piano, the movie that made her famous at nine years old, right through.

"I've seen the bit I wanted to see. I don't want to see the icky bits even when I'm old enough.

After the show, she was off to college, where she said she just told kids to "shut up" or "go away" if they annoyed her. - NZPA

The Southland Times, May 20, 1997