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Anna's Not Big on Repeat Performances

Four years ago Anna Paquin was a typical 9-year-old girl, leading a typical life in her native New Zealand. That all changed when Anna--on a whim--tried out for and landed a role in the 1993 movie The Piano.

Ever after snagging a Best Supporting Actress Oscar (making her the second youngest person in history to win such an award) for her part in the film, Anna wasn't completely convinced that she wanted to give up her previously normal life.

Fortunately for movie-goers, she's decided to venture forth with her career after all. Earlier this year she appeared in the film Jane Eyre and she's currently starring in Fly Away Home.

Though Anna enjoys stretching her acting muscles, she's admitted that there is a certain aspect of the movie making world that she's found slightly disappointing. "It's not as glamorous as it seems," she's said, "especially when you have to [repeat the same scene] many many times."

What makes the process even more frustrating, she's added, is that after filming a scene repeatedly there's no guarantee that it will even make it into the complete movie that happened a couple of times in The Piano. "My favorite scene, playing football with a cabbage in the mud, never got in." Anna said, "for that matter, neither did my least favorite one: sitting in the freezing cold stream."

BOP, December 1996