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One of the film's junior superheroes, Anna Paquin's Rogue is still coming to terms with her abilities, which enable her to drain the powers and life force from anyone who comes into contact with her skin. Something of a hindrance when it comes to her blossoming relationship with fellow mutant, Iceman.

How would you sum up the experience of working on a film like this?
You know, it really is an experience, and It's pretty fucking great. You know, they don't make too many of these really high concept movies and I have to say, I'm really proud to be part of this one. Bryan Singer's such a unique filmmaker, he's a very bright man.

As a girl is it fair to say you missed out on the whole X-Men comic phenomenon somewhat?
Yeah, just slightly. [laughs]. I just wasn't into comics. I was more into gymnastics and horseback riding, you know real girly stuff like cello and piano lessons, things like that. I'm now a fan, however. With the amount of energy the hardcore fans put into this comic book you'd better not be screwing up their idols or you'll be in so much trouble.

The character of Rogue is one of the more interesting among the X-Men because her power is actually rather tragic.
Yes, she has a built in tragic flaw, which permanently gives you something to work with as an actor. But that's the thing about all of the X-Men characters, their powers are both gifts and curses. They have these amazing abilities but are also burdened with these huge responsibilities. They're really cool characters, you know? It's a cool universe and I'm glad I had a reason to get to know it.

Rogue is quite different in the comics though, she has additional powers that you didn't get to play with in the film.
Yeah, that's cause she absorbs people's powers. She steals her strength and stuff from Miss Marvel. But also in the comic she's a lot older so there's still time for her to meet Miss Marvel and take her powers. Then she gets super strength and she can fly - she can kick ass a lot more than she can in the movie. But seeing as they're planning to make more of these, there's still time for that. It would be fun to beat people up - have Fox pay someone to come in and teach me martial arts. That'd be cool. It's always fun when you get to learn a new skill for a movie. You have, like, the best people in the world come in and tutor you. It's like the ultimate after-school activity.

Empire Online, April 25, 2003