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Anna on Entertainment Tonight Weekend Edition

Transcribed by Karen Lambert

Opening: Lisa Canning is interviewing Anna in a store in Hollywood.

Lisa What is it about this movie that made you want to do it?

Anna It was a really lovely story and I just wanted to.

Lisa Fly Away Home is actually based on a true story; making the movie Anna got to know her feathered costars pretty well.

Anna Yeah they were very friendly geese. They kinda got to know everyone ,. They were very friendly around all people.

Lisa How about flying? You do alot of flying in the movie.

Anna Well I don't actually fly the airplane of course, course I didn't.

Lisa You flew.

Anna I didn't.

Lisa You flew.

Anna I didn't.

Lisa The world got to know Anna when at the age of eleven she became an oscar winner for the role in the Piano. Believe me fame has not gone to her head.

Anna It's just a statue.

Lisa Oh it's just a statue.

Anna It is.

Lisa Do you appreciate it more now that you're older?

Anna Not really. It's sitting in a drawer.

Lisa It's sitting in a drawer?

Lisa Do people ask for your autogragh?

Anna Sometimes. I've got used to it but it is kind of odd I mean, it's just someone's signature----my signature on a piece of paper.

Lisa You're 14 now; are you checking out boys?Gotta boyfriend or something?

Anna Not at the moment.

Lisa But you notice boys exsist at this point Anna?

Anna DAAAAAAAA (She leans down and laughs at the question put to her in peals of laughter)

Lisa Now that's a fun girl;she confessed to me that she is a bit of a shopaholic.She loves to buy for her friends in New Zealand.

Entertainment Tonight Weekend Edition, September 14, 1996