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Anna on Live with Regis and Kathy Lee

Transcribed by Adam Fuller

Regis All right, Academy Award winner Anna Paquin is here, where she'll next be seen in a great new movie called Fly Away Home. Here she is everybody, Anna Paquin! (Anna comes out from back stage, shakes hands with the hosts.) Hi, Anna. How are you doing? Nice to see you, Anna!

Kathy Lee Welcome back, Anna! I love your new haircut.

Anna Thank you. (She and the hosts sit down.)

Kathy Lee It's quite a change!

Regis You know, we had Jeff Daniels on our show the other day. He was explaining the plot of the movie.

Anna Uh huh.

Regis Where you find this nest, of, uh, geese, their mother has died.

Anna Yeah.

Regis And they think you're their mother because you're the first thing they see.

Anna Yeah!

Regis It's imprinted on their minds.

Anna: (nods) It's imprinted.

Regis But now you've got to teach those geese how to fly. Now, how's a little girl going to do that?

Anna Well, uh, actually, she doesn't really have to teach them how to fly. If you just sort of, kind of...

Regis Encourage them?

Anna...Run with them, and then they will take off, because it's not something that they have to be taught. They just need sort of like an encouragement, sort of.

Regis Uh huh.

Anna Of course, she doesn't have to take off by herself, wave and flap her arms and fly, because, it's just something that all birds know how to do. It's just an instinct.

Regis It's instinctive. But you have to give them an example, so your father builds an airplane. Isn't that right?

Anna Well, basically, you can teach them how to fly but they won't know where to go.

Regis That's right.

Anna They can fly, sure. But...

Kathy Lee You mean they don't know where to migrate naturally?

Anna No. Unless their parents show them, they won't know where they're meant to be going.

Kathy Lee I didn't know that.

Regis I didn't know that either.

Kathy Lee There's a lot of geese that fly around our house, and they look like they know where they're going! (Laughter from the audience)

Anna Yeah, well, their parents probably showed them where to go.

Kathy Lee Well, that's precious. I didn't know that Anna. (More laughter from the audience)

Regis Did you enjoy this movie?

Anna Yes, I did.

Regis Did you get a good reception up in Toronto?

Anna Uh, yeah.

Regis Not to good, I guess.

Anna Yeah!

Regis Of course it was good. When we come back, we'll see a clip from Fly Away Home.

(Commercial break. Returns with the scene of Amy and her father testing out the airplanes. While the film is rolling, they are discussing what they are seeing.)

Regis Now, here is a scene from Fly Away Home. She's flying a plane her Dad has built for her, and she's teaching these geese, uh, not only how to fly, but where to go, right?

Anna Yeah.

Regis Where are you going?

Anna Uh, well, right now wer're just teaching them, trying out flying with them in the aircraft to see, you know, if it'll work.

Regis That's a pretty specatcular scene!

Kathy Lee Yeah!

Regis I love the whole idea of it. So, are you enjoying your life as a young actress?

Anna Yeah, I am.

Regis Are you still living in New Zealand?

Anna Uh huh.

Kathy Lee I asked her if it's difficult to go from a film location right back to school and she said the adjustment is very easy. She's sort of in the eighth grade.

Anna Yeah.

Regis And what do the kids think about your American movie career?

Anna Um, I don't know.

Regis Just another day, huh? Just another?

Anna Well, I mean, most of them, it's no big deal. I mean, some people make a bit of a fuss about it, but I mean, my friends are fine, so. That's all that matters.

Regis Well good! Well, you're pretty fine too then. (Shakes her hand.) All right, Anna, thank you very much for coming by.

Kathy Lee (Shakes her hand) Nice to see you, Anna.

Regis The movie opens this Friday, Fly Away Home. And we'll be right back after this.

Live with Regis and Kathy Lee, September, 1996