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Fly Away Home-Chat Anna Paquin

OnlineHost: Your emcee for this event is SaritaDCE (AOLiveMC8)!


Star4Nick: Hi. I'm glad to be here with everyone tonight. Thank you for attending.

Question: Do you ever get nervous before any of your acting parts?

Star4Nick: Not really. I don't really find that's there is anything to be worried about.

Question: How does Anna make movies in California and live in New Zealand? Is that hard?

Star4Nick: Well, when I'm making movies, I just go to wherever they're filming and it's not really a problem.

Question: Are there any films of 1996 that you really enjoyed?

Star4Nick: I liked Independence Day, Twister and Die Hard with a Vengeance (I saw it on video this summer). It's a GREAT film.

Question: What's your all-time favorite film?

Star4Nick: Die Hard with a Vengeance.

Question: Do you go to regular public school or private school?

Star4Nick: I go to a regular public school.

Question: Are there any directors and/or actresses you really look up to and would love to work with?

Star4Nick: I've liked all of the people I've worked with, but I can't think of anyone in particular that I'd like to work with.

Question: Do you plan on acting for your entire career?

Star4Nick: Well, I don't know, maybe.

Question: How did they decide you as the part of Amy?

Star4Nick: I think that when they saw me at the Oscars they contacted my agent and asked if I was interested in the part of Amy.

Question: What other movies have you been in besides Fly Away Home? - AlexMack40

Star4Nick: I've been in The Piano, Jane Eyre and I've just finished a film called The Member of the Wedding.

Question: How old are you?

Star4Nick: 14.

Question: How did you feel working with animals? Was it fun, hard?

Star4Nick: I quite liked working with animals, but they can be a bit of a pain sometimes.

Question: Anna, did you make this movie in Ontario?

Star4Nick: Yes.

Question: Where is your home town?

Star4Nick: Wellington, New Zealand.

Question: Where do you keep your Oscar and is it heavy?

Star4Nick: I keep it in a drawer and it weighs nine pounds.

Question: Do you enjoy working with Jeff Daniels?

Star4Nick: Yes. I had a lot of fun.

Question: What's up. How u like being a star?

Star4Nick: I don't really think of myself as a star.

Question: Was it a surprise to win the Oscar for The Piano?

Star4Nick: Yes, I was really surprised.

Question: How did you get this part?

Star4Nick: Somebody I knew saw an ad in a newspaper that there was an open call audition for the role in The Piano and I happened to go along and I didn't really know what I was going to. I didn't even know what acting was, but I got the part.

Question: Do you get nervous before auditions?

Star4Nick: Not really.

Question: How did you get your start & at what age?

Star4Nick: I got my start with my part in The Piano and I was nine at the time.

Question: Is it hard being a child actress?

Star4Nick: Not really.

Question: Can I have your fan mail address?

Star4Nick: It is my agent, which is William Morris Agency, 151 El Camino Drive, Beverly Hills, California, USA. I have no idea what the postal code is.

Question: Anna, what kind of music do you enjoy?

Star4Nick: Alternative, in other words, anything that they can't put into a section. I like lots of soundtracks from movies. Especially Pulp Fiction, The Commitments and Empire Records, Grease, Boys on the Side and I can't think of anything else.

Question: Since you have been doing films, who has been your favorite person to work with?

Star4Nick: Holly Hunter and Alfre Woodard.

Question: What grade are you in school?

Star4Nick: We run on a different school system, but it's something like 8th grade.

Question: How do you audition in California and live in New Zealand? Do you just fly there every time for an audition?

Star4Nick: If I need to audition for something, I just fly over.

Question: Do you have a favorite goose out of all the geese?

Star4Nick: To be honest, I can't tell them apart.

Question: How many geese did they use in the movie?

Star4Nick: Well, there's about 100 of them, but they were at different ages.

Question: What movie stars would you like to work with in the future?

Star4Nick: I don't know.

Question: If you answer my question, I would be overjoyed. If you could find a cure for any disease, what disease would you cure?

Star4Nick: AIDS.

Question: Anna, is your nose pierced? Looks like it in part of the commercial.

Star4Nick: No, it was a fake nose ring.

Question: Was this a true story, this movie?

Star4Nick: It's based on a true story.

Question: How did you like doing Jane Eyre? Hypothetically, would you recommend it?

Star4Nick: I had a lot of fun doing Jane Eyre because there was a lot of people my age around. And YES I would recommend it.

Question: How does it feel to be rich and famous? Will it spoil you in any way?

Star4Nick: No.

Question: What has been the most exciting place you have visited while filming a movie?

Star4Nick: I really liked London when I was filming Jane Eyre there.

Question: Did you really fly the plane?

Star4Nick: Unfortunately, I didn't get to.

Question: Do you have any special hobbies with computers? Do you like them at all? Do you do anything with them?

Star4Nick: We don't have Internet access so the only thing I do is word processing for school projects.

Question: Are you working on any new movies now?

Star4Nick: Nothing right now, but I finished one two weeks ago.

Question: How did it feel becoming a respected actress at such a young age?

Star4Nick: I guess it's quite good, really. Because it means I get to do what I enjoy doing.

Question: When you're working as an actress at a young age, do you ever get the feeling that you might be missing out on a "normal" childhood? Or, does that ever occur to you?

Star4Nick: I guess that I'm missing some aspects of a normal childhood. But I'm getting so much from what I'm doing that it isn't even an issue.

Question: Did you meet Bill Lishman?

Star4Nick: Yes, I did.

Question: What is your favorite aspect of acting?

Star4Nick: You get to go to really interesting places and work with great people. And that's a lot of fun.

Question: Do you get to see your friends and family a lot?

Star4Nick: A-ha.

Question: Think you will let stardom go to your head?

Star4Nick: No.

Question: What do you like to do as a hobby?

Star4Nick: I play the cello. I like to read. That's about it.

Question: Anna, I first saw you in those highly imaginative TV ads for MCI; I'm curious as to how you got involved in those and who directed them?

Star4Nick: I was contacted through my agent (it was after The Piano) and they asked me if I wanted to audition and I said "yes," and I got the part. And they were directed by a guy called Peter Smiley. :-)

Question: What do you think that you will be doing in 10 years?

Star4Nick: I don't know, maybe acting.

Question: How did you get into television?

Star4Nick: It was a TV film and they contacted my agent and asked if I was interested.

Question: How did it feel when you first flew in the air craft?

Star4Nick: If you mean the air craft in Fly Away Home, I never got to fly because that wouldn't have been safe, so that was a stunt double.

Question: Is it hard to keep friends being a star?

Star4Nick: No, because I've had the same since before any of this ever happened.

Question: What are your impressions of the Hollywood scene?

Star4Nick: I don't know. It's kinda weird.

Question: Is it hard making a movie?

Star4Nick: Sometimes, if it's really hot or we have to do something over and over and over again it can be kinda hard. But most of the time I really enjoy it.

Question: What sports do you like to play?

Star4Nick: Running.

Question: Question how did you get geese to follow the planes. And, were they trained to follow the little girl?

Star4Nick: The geese were slightly imprinted on the airplane so that they would follow it. And they sent a tape of my voice when the geese were hatching so that by the time I arrived in Canada they were hopefully used to my voice. Then, I just had to spend some time with them and they'll pretty much follow anybody.

Question: Do you like Alanis Morrsette?

Star4Nick: Not especially.

Question: Is your sister an actress too?

Star4Nick: No.

Question: Have you always wanted to be an actress is that your dream?

Star4Nick: I do want to be an actress now, but before I did The Piano I didn't even know what it was.

Question: How do you play some one that is completely different from you?

Star4Nick: You just have to think about what your character might be thinking or feeling.

Question: How has an Oscar changed your life?

Star4Nick: Well, I guess more people have heard of me and more people might consider me for their parts in movies, but apart from that my everyday life at home hasn't changed at all. I mean I still have to do chores and stuff.

Question: I saw you on Extra with your hair cut totally short. Why on earth did you cut it?

Star4Nick: I cut it for the part that I played in The Member of the Wedding.

AOLiveMC8: We have run out of time and have time for one more question.

Question: I saw your movie today. I really enjoyed it. A friend and I raised 7 ducklings and 1 gosling for around 3 months. Did you really spend time with the goslings from birth to the end of the movie?

Star4Nick: I spent a lot of time with the birds from the time that they were little to the time that they were big, because most of the movie is with the geese. I'm glad you enjoyed the film.

AOLiveMC8: Thank you Anna for visiting with us.

Star4Nick: Thanks for talking. I had fun and I think that everyone will really enjoy Fly Away Home. Bye!

AOLiveMC8: Thank you audience for your questions. Good night.

American Online, September 8, 1996