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Anna Paquin on David Letterman

Transcribed by Greg Buczek

David How are ya...our next guest won an academy award for her role in The...a...Piano when she was...a...just eleven years old. Did you see The Piano Tom?

Tom I don't see it Dave.

David No, no...the movie...I mean did you see the motion picture The Piano.

Tom I'm afraid I didn't.

David That's all right, that's all right. Now she is staring in a remake of the classic film Jane Eyre which opens April 12. Lady's and gentlemen, here's Anna Paquin...Anna! (Dave gets up to welcome Anna and they sit) Nice to see ya! How are ya doin'?

Anna Good, thanks.

David Welcome to the show, Is this your first time in New York City, Anna?

Anna Ah, yeah.

David Where do you...tell the folks where you live first of all.

Anna Ah...I live in New Zealand.

David New Zealand...and to me that's, that's like a, a very...a very exciting... very almost mysterious kind of place. What is it like for you?

Anna's's pretty normal. (she laughs)

David Is's a beautiful countryside isn't it?

Anna Uh uh.

David What grade are you in?

Anna I think it's about equivalent to grade eight.

David Grade do people in New Zealand feel about people in the United States?

Anna Um...I think...they like 'em I guess. (she laughs)

David How do people in New Zealand feel about people in Australia?

Anna Uh...I guess there's a little bit of rivalry.

David There is a rivalry...and...and...

Anna With like sport and stuff like that.

David Uh uh and, and what is it based on? Do the people in New Zealand...uh...want to be more like Australians?

Anna No.

David No, and...and do the people...

Anna You just want to beat them at sport and stuff like that.

David You just want to dominate them, if you can, in in rugby...and...

Anna Cricket!

David And cricket...and other...

Anna That's basically it. (she laughs)

David That's it...yeah...uh...and what do you you play sports yourself?

Anna Um...yeah, I play...I've played rugby and stuff like that at school.

David You've played rugby!!

Anna It's not quite as vicious know...

David Yeah...and this me about your...uh...reactions to New York City. How do you like the city?

Anna I love it!

David Yeah...what have you done so far since you've been here?

Anna Um...we went to the Empire State Building.

David Yeah, it's nice up there isn't it?

Anna Yeap!

David Did you spit off the top? A lot of people go up there to...

Anna I didn't.

David That's what I...every time I go up there I spit right off the top.

Anna That's nice. (she laughs) Um...we went ice-skating at the Rockefeller Center.

David Yeah...oh that's beautiful over there!

Anna Yeah!

David do you get a chance to do much ice-skating in New Zealand?

Anna's no rinks where we live.

David But it gets cold enough there, doesn't it?


David It never gets cold enough...

Anna Not where I live it doesn't.

David Really...I thought it got cold in New Zealand. It doesn't get cold in New Zealand?

Anna In the other island it gets cold like that...

David I see...I now you're just beginning your autumn down there right?

Annav Yeah.

David you just started school?

Anna Uh...well our school-year begins in February so...we've been back in school for quite a while now.

David Uh uh...

Annav Um...and it runs from

David It runs from what?

Anna It runs from February to December.

David I every thing is just opposite of what it is here in this school...

Anna Yeah basically.

David Yeah...uh...wh...when you, what do you do with your Academy it some place your friends come over and take a look at it?

Anna's sitting in a drawer. (she smiles)

David come you have it in the drawer?

Anna Cause...then I don't have to like look at It every day. (she laughs)

David And...and why is it you don't want to look at it every day?

Anna Um...I don't's not really what in New Zealand so I just don't know...really feel looking at it and seeing it know.

David you...have you seen...have, have you seen The Piano? I'm going to try that one again.

Annav Well...I've seen...I've seen kind of a censored version.

David And, and the reason you haven't seen the entire film what?

Anna Adult content. (she laughs)

David Yeah...because Harvey Keitel is naked in the whole film.

Anna Not the whole film!

David (laughing) Yeah...mostly...mostly he is! Mostly he is! He's just...every time you turn around Harvey is in the movie naked...It's very's very unpleasant...very, very Jane Eyre...tell...tell us about this...this must be very nice for you...this film.

Anna Yeah it is...

David Uh uh.

Anna Yeah. (she laughs)

David Great...uh...and, and have you read Jane Eyre?

Anna Um...most of it...

David Yeah...

Anna I didn't quite get around to finish it.

David Hav...haven't finished it for adult content?

Anna Noo!

David (laughs)

Anna Um...I just haven't quite got around to finish it.

David you have hobbies? Do you have things that you like to do when you're in New Zealand?

Anna Um...I play the cello.

David Play the cello!

Anna Um...

David Do you have any boyfriends?

Anna No...not at the moment. (she laughs)

David, are you like a big deal in your school?

Anna No, not particularly.

David Uh uh...really! An Academy Award winning...uh...fellow student is not a big deal?

Anna I'm like juinor-juinor if you know what I mean, like the littlest we kind of...very small deal. (she laughs)

David, when, when you won...tell me about that experience on stage to thank everybody.

Anna Um...very (she laughs)...

David Yeah...

Annav Very surprising!

David Yeah.

Anna It was lots of fun! (she laughs)

David It was fun...yeah...well now...Tom, do you have any questions?

Tom Where's the piano Dave?

David The piano's right over there.

Tom There it is! I see it...I see it...I'm sorry.

David Anna, do you play basketball? Have you ever played it?


David Do you want to take a shot here?

Anna Ok! I'm really bad though.

David All right, here we go...There you go...there it is.

Anna Where from?

David Anywhere...anywhere in here is fine...even up there.

[Anna shoots and makes it]

Late Show with David Letterman, April 2, 1996